Clubs at Springfield

Here at Springfield we run a large number of clubs - over 30 in the last academic year!


A gym come dance club

Animation club

Club which used an ICT programme called ZOO 3D to create "Wallace and Gromit" type annimations


A lunchtime club for all those budding artists - when and if you come in, have a look at some of their work lining the main stairwell.


A great club run by the Birmingham Basketball Association


After school their angelic sound can be heard far and near as we prepare the next generation of X-Factor contestants!


As the name suggests!


2-georges pics Aut 2012 226


A lunchtime summer club, honing skills ready for the England selector’s call up!

3-Cricket club


These are very popular and successful, enjoying great reviews across the borough and run right from Y1-6 in a range of styles – street4-Street dance club for Y5-6 dynamite (pic here)


(x2 videos here!) Y3/4 dance group (pic here)



Fit and Fun

This was all about having fun whilst getting fit - a great idea!

5-Fit and Fun



A club aimed at having fun, whilst informing children about healthy food

    6-Y1-2 foodie club        7-Y1-2 foodie club2



Once again very popular, being the reigning Sandwell Primary School’s champions and are running across the KS2 age range

 8-Sandwell Primary School champions 2010-11 small version 

When we won this title we were the only team in the last four with a girl playing ... and 5 out of the 7 players were Year5 pupils.


There’s something special about planting and nurturing your own flowers and veg


Run to give help and a quiet place where children can go one lunchtime a week


A very popular club which focuses on self control and respect for others


10-karate club 1


Computer based maths which helps improve your mental maths as you compete against other children from across the world


We have a long and proud tradition of musicality at Springfield and the recorders are a vital part of that legacy

Sports leadership

A new venture for us, creating the future coaches and captains