Events @ School

Every year is a busy one at Springfield. We have a range of events such as Christmas and Summer fairs, plays, concerts, festivals, international weeks, discos and celebrations of many kinds. With many of these we are helped by the Friends, who do so much to raise funds for the children here at Springfield. Read on to see some of the things that happen over a year!

Harvest festival

Over recent years we have supported a Birmingham charity - The Birmingham City Mission. Parents and children very generously donate produce which is displayed at a service with our local vicar. The produce is then collected by the City Mission and they distribute it to the most needy.

2-Harvest festival


Like most schools we love Christmas time! We have carol services, plays, performances and parties. By the end of the term everyone is ready for a rest.

 3-Our version of the 12 days of Christmas

This is our "Black Country" version of The Twelve Days of Christmas" from our carol service.

St. George's Day

We are proud of our heritage - both local and English and we strive to support it. Each year we hold a St. George's Day parade, where we parade around the KS2 playground in our red and white, singing patriotic songs!

4-International week parade 2011

We have displays of Maypole dancing and other forms of dancing such as clog dancing. All great fun.

5-International week - Y5 May dancing

 Chinese New Year

Every year we celebrate Chinese New Year. This year we sang traditional songs, were shown laterns and a chinese dance dragon and created a stir fry!

6-DSC02630    7-DSC02637

International week

Throughout the year we celebrate our multi-cultural society; but once a year we hold our international week. Each year group chooses a country and studies it in more depth - looking at its people, their food, music, customs and clothing. We have lots of visiting speakers and musicians in. Loads of work takes place, but in a totally different style to our normal weeks!

     8-African drumming 1     9-African drumming 2

African drumming lessons

 10-Bollywood dancing

Bollywood dancing lessons

     11-Dalbir at work     12-Indian drumming 1

                Dalbir taught us about Indian drumming .... and we were magic at it!

     13-International week - greeks trying Greek food  Trying Greek food

 ... and Caliche helped us with our Brazilian rhythm.14-International week - South American music group Caliche

15-Samba dancing

and other visitors taught us how to Samba dance.

The whole week ends with a wonderful parade where everyone gets to see a little of what the whole school has been doing.

The Diamond Jubilee

In 2012 like so many other schools, we celebrated Her Majesty's Diamond Jubilee. We had a picnic and chose our own queen and prince.  

16-jubilee lunch our jubilee picnic

17-jubilee lunch 2

and our Queen and prince!

18-Our Queen and prince

Book Week

We are passionate about books - picture books, comic books, reading books, electronic books; in fact books full stop! Every year we hold a book week where we really push home the vital importance about reading. We have competions and assemblies and days where we all dress up as characters.

19-Bookweek 1   20-Bookweek 2

us as book characters .... with Miss Powis as a wicked witch

Book quiz

We believe that friendly competition is part of life's rich tapestry and are always keen to meet other schools and build friendships through a range of events. In this case we are taking part with schools from the Rowley Regis Learning Community in a book quiz.

21-Competing in the book quiz


 At the end of the year we are exceptionally busy - reports, leaving services, prom's, discos and prize giving. We like to recognise factors such as attendance, the work that all the children have put in and where they have been especially good. In this photo, Miss Powis is giving prizes to some of our pupils.

22-EG of prize giving

 We run an ever changing set of events, here you can see a shot from our "Dads and Lads" session with a challenge about bridge making having been set.

23-Dads and lads DT time  or this one of a buisness enterprise day 24-Buisness enterprise show

This Summer we had Jon the potter come and visit, to work with every child in school

The results are outstanding ... as the photos show! But just as pleasing was the way that the different year groups worked together.

We have put the lizard and some of the "creepie crawlies" up near the Nursery, whilst our giant spider is living in the pagoda. The owls are roosting outside the main office.

 PICT0133  DSCF2448  IMGP0380
 IMGP0411  IMGP0417  IMGP1898
 DSCF2439 PICT0107  PICT0148