Residential Trips

We believe that residential trips bring a dimension to school life which is impossible to create in any other way. They produce memories which last for a lifetime! We'd encourage all children to attend, because the value is vast even if untestable. It helps with independence, self reliance, practical skills and self-belief. Vital skills for life ... even if they are not quantifiable.

We have been using three centres and have added some pictures which speak a million words!

Edgemond Hall Y2/3

and this is Edgemond Hall  Learning at Edgmond Hall1  team work at Edgemond Hall were nor scared of the dark at Edgemond Hall
and this is Edgemond Hall!!  learning at Edgemond hall

team work ... always the

best way

 we're not scared of the


Ingestre Hall Y4/5

Ingestre Hall1  Science meets art at Ingestre Hall   
 Ingestre Hall  science meets art  

Plas Gwynant

 Plas1 Plas 3  and the weather was superb but it can be treacherous up there unless you have expert guides and equipment

 The journey up there was


 It looks like the Alps! Snowy but great weather

But it can be treacherous

unless you have expert guides

 This is January on the beach learning about nature and latin names   Dough baking 4 Foods up at Plas Gwynant 
A welsh beach in January!  Learning about nature  Dough baking ala rustic!

 Real food! Not as good as

mum's , but still good