Curriculum Statement


At Springfield Primary School we aim to promote in a caring, happy environment, a broad, balanced curriculum which meets statutory legislation.
Our curriculum aims to promote pupils spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. During their time with us, children will have access to all curriculum areas as well as acquiring an understanding of the importance of positive attitudes and respect for others, and a greater awareness of the outside world. This includes developing an appreciation of the importance of moral values and of religions and cultures different to their own.
Our curriculum will pass on the core British values of freedom, tolerance, respect for the law, belief in personal social responsibility and respect for British institutions.
Springfield has a motto, ‘Working together’ and through the curriculum we instil the importance of respect for themselves and others. We are continuously preparing them for the next step in their education encouraging them to have belief and to value themselves and what they can achieve.
The children are also taught to have respect for the boundaries and rules set by the school and of society.
Pupils have a voice and the various pupil roles in school help them to understand equality of opportunity and freedom of speech.
All subjects are taught to all pupils with special emphasis on the Core subjects of English- speaking/listening, reading and writing. Maths, Science, and Computing. Other subjects including Design Technology, PE, Art, History, and Geography are taught thematically. We also have a statutory responsibility to teach Religious education.
· Foundation Stage children are taught mainly through practical and creative experiences with language enrichment linked to the Early Years Foundation Curriculum
· Year I children build on these basic skills, work on the core subjects and progress in other elements of the National Curriculum.
· Year 2 children are assessed on attainment targets and programmes of study for their core subjects
Year 3-5 are assessed through teacher assessment and some testing
Year 6 are assessed throughout the year and in May complete statutory assessments in English and Maths.
The curriculum gives attention to all elements of learning - i.e. concepts, skills, attitudes, knowledge and problem solving, in order to begin the preparation for opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life.
At K.S.1. 21 hours &15 minutes are spent on teaching time during the normal school week, including Religious Education, but excluding the statutory daily act of collective worship, registration and breaks (including lunch). At K.S.2. This figure is increased to 23 hours & 30 minutes per week.
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