Design & Technology

Design and Technology or DT- is about making things that people want. Children enjoy this area of the curriculum because of the creativity. Pupils find it exciting as they work on their own, as part of at team, on a range of designing and making activities.

They get to work with different tools experience various techniques and draw on their knowledge and understanding from other areas of the curriculum. Across the school, children generate ideas for products after thinking about who will use them. Likewise, they evaluate their work by reflecting and thinking of ways to improve their ideas.


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 Plan for a design  Think BEFORE making!

Throughout the year, projects are displayed for visitors and peers to observe and appreciate and of late parents have contributed to the displays with some impressive models undertaken at home-with their children.

The future looks exciting, following the arrival of sewing machines and electric drills.

Springfield is keen to attract parents into the school to support the children with skills they have acquired over the years or throughout their working life. The better the response the more likely we can set up workshops. If you have anything to offer, knitting, sewing, woodwork, electrics, to name a few-we would appreciate your support.

We look forward to hearing from you!