Here at Springfield we believe that we are doing more than just giving children an academic grounding. We are helping prepare them for life! ICT is taught across the curriculum, helping give a context for skills. Throughout the day children are exposed to ICT in many many of its guises - from cameras, cam-corders, calculators, projectors, kindles, i-pads, control, sensors, laptops and right down to remote control vehicles. Technology is a way of life for today's generation , not the mystery that it is for so many adults!

ICT suite being used

We teach a series of skills, tied into our thematic curriculum and the core subjects. Alongside this there are some discrete sessions and programs of work to cover areas which don't naturally link to our topics etc. These are all assessed as part of an ongoing process to ensure progression and continuity.

We are very proud of our provision, with Interactive White Boards in all classses and the two libraries, three sets of laptops, DS's, Kindles, i-pads in Focus Provision, an ICT suite (timetabled during the day including lunchtimes as well as being used by the Wrap Around children one night a week). We have a buisness class N+ wireless network which enables a consistently high level of connectivity.

Security is of paramount importance and we encrypt all staff machines, use wireless key access to negate any sensitive data being physically transported and have regular training for staff as well as e-safety being an integral part of our ICT curriculum.

Our ICT champions (from Y3-6) help us to run the ICT, advising us on what they want, their concerns as well as contributing to the content on the VLE.