Literacy at Springfield is fun and engaging! Literacy is the core of any child’s education and we believe that it should be central to everything we do. Reading and writing are of paramount importance.

Currently we have literacy every day and also have additional personalised learning groups and guided reading. Our literacy curriculum is skills based and focuses on the basics of spelling, grammar, punctuation and handwriting. However it is embedded within a broad and balanced literacy curriculum which is linked to our thematic curriculum.   Our irresistible learning approach has literacy firmly at its heart.

In KS1 we focus on early reading and Letters and Sounds. We use a book banded scheme, which uses a wide range of authors and publishers. In Key stage 2 the children read and write a range of different genres and use texts by a range of authors as a stimulus for their own writing.

We assess the children using Assessment Angel which enables us to accurately assess the children in terms of their literacy progression. From our assessment we plan and use targets to move the children forward.

Additionally we have literacy interventions for those children who are finding literacy challenging. At present we use Enable Plus; 1-1 phonics support and better reading project; and Project X as reading schemes to enable the children to develop their reading skills.

Our library is a real strength and the children can use our library as a resource for independent learning. All children take a book home weekly and use the library at lunchtimes to change books and access a wealth of reading materials.

Newsteam is a gifted and talented group of writing who produce a termly newspaper which celebrates life in school as well as sharing local and world news. news group

Our newsgroup!