The school encourages all pupils to take part in a wide range of practical activities and educational visits. Every effort is made to use all available resources as efficiently as possible in order to provide a variety of experiences at minimum cost.

In accordance with the 1988 Education Reform Act the Governors of Springfield Primary School have agreed the following:

  1. Every pupil has the right to free school education;
  2. Any activity which the school believes to be beneficial to the education of pupils will be open to all pupils, regardless of their ability to pay;
  3. Parents/guardians will be invited to make voluntary contributions towards the cost of some proposed activities. The response of parents/guardians will then be a factor in deciding whether the activity is able to go ahead as planned.  

Annual Attendance

Year Percentage attendance 
2013/14 94.97% arrow up green
2012/13 94.26% arrow down red
2011/12 94.58% arrow up green
2010/11 94.22% arrow up green
2009/10 92.72% arrow up green