Focus Provision

School has a specialist provision for 7 children with Autism, who attend from all over Sandwell. Our aim is to support these children in mainstream school so they can receive their education alongside all the other children attending Springfield. Consequently the Focus Provision pupils are included in classes throughout school.There is a teacher in charge of the Focus Provision and seveal learning support assistants.

Staff working with the 7 ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder) pupils are highly skilled in enabling the children to access and understand school life and all its demands, particularly as the majority of these children have no language and rely on hand signs (MAKATON) symbols, pictures and photos to communicate with others. All the pupils in school are helped towards accepting the Focus Provision children and to understand their needs and differences, as well as being encouraged to use hand signs for basic communication such as “good morning”, “please” and “thank you”.

Our Focus Provision has developed from initially working with just one pupil several years ago to becoming recognised across Sandwell as a centre of expertise and excellence and recognised by Ofsted 2010 and the local authority as ‘good with elements of outstanding’  


Annual Attendance

Year Percentage attendance 
2013/14 94.97% arrow up green
2012/13 94.26% arrow down red
2011/12 94.58% arrow up green
2010/11 94.22% arrow up green
2009/10 92.72% arrow up green