Pastoral Care

Class teachers are responsible for the general welfare of children in their classes. Teachers are available before school by appointment or after school to discuss, small matters concerning your child. If you have a more serious or important issue to discuss either with your child's class teacher or the Head Teacher, then please make an appointment.


We have a homework policy and a pattern of homework for the foundation stage, Key stage 1 and Key stage 2. Theses are all age related and based on activities going on in school. (Details can be found in ‘Homework matters’, one of a series of leaflets produced for parents relating to school activities). At K.S.1 encouragement of reading and spelling is of great value for the child and books from home reading boxes may be taken home daily. Children are also encouraged to borrow books from the school library. At K.S.2 we value the encouragement of given tasks set for reading, spellings and other homework.

Home/School Agreement

A home / School agreement is in place and all children and parents will be encouraged to sign and return their individual agreements.

Parent Survival Guides

Parent Survival Guides are produced on an annual basis to inform parents of relevant issues for their children.

Preparation for School

Please read to your child and encourage him/her to show an interest in books - reading is a vital skill. If your child is anxious to write, please use our letter shapes (a sample is available in school) and avoid using capital letters. It is important that your child can dress/undress for P.E. or games and can communicate his/her needs to adults. Children will be invited to make a visit prior to admission to become familiar with the building and the adults in it.

School Milk

Milk is provided free of charge to all children under five. Children five and over, wishing to have daily carton of milk, pay a small charge, at the beginning of each term.

School Meals

School meals are cooked on the premises. Special diets are catered for. Provision is also made for children eating a packed lunch. During the dinner time break, children are supervised by Supervisory Assistants with a Principal Supervisory Assistant and Senior assistant. overall charge.  

Annual Attendance

Year Percentage attendance 
2013/14 94.97% arrow up green
2012/13 94.26% arrow down red
2011/12 94.58% arrow up green
2010/11 94.22% arrow up green
2009/10 92.72% arrow up green