e-safety message for parents and carers

Dear Parents and Carers, Please take time to read this e-safety message, it aims to provide food for thought and discussion within your family and amongst your friends. There are many issues that are reported by the media on a daily basis that are a cause for concern. These risks are caused by behaviour of the user of the technology and this is where parents and carers can influence and guide their children.

The most important thing for parents and carers to do, is talk to their children and young people about their use of the internet and technology, including mobile phones, ipads, other mobile devices and online gaming. Make sure your children know that they can come to you for help, if anything worries them online.

Helping children by discussing how to use the internet safely is vital, focussing on treating other people kindly is essential. Parents often worry that their knowledge of computers is less than their daughter or son, the knowledge of the technology is not the most important thing, it is respectful behaviour to others and responding to risks without harm.

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