Vision and Aims

The School Aims

Vision Statement

Our aim at Springfield is to lay a firm foundation for success in our pupil's lives by creating a happy, caring environment which will enable them to develop their full potential through quality teaching, learning and high expectations, and by creating an ethos of respect and mutual support to all within the school and neighbouring community.

Our Aims are thus:-

To offer a broad, balanced and challenging curriculum, committed to the raising and maintenance of high educational standards.


To care for each child as an individual by fostering cognitive, spiritual and moral development, encouraging each child to gain self-discipline and self-respect, and helping them to develop their true potential.


To create a happy, caring, inclusive, stimulating an d secure environment with structured and purposeful learning, providing equal opportunities for all pupils and enabling them to acquire knowledge and skills, enjoy school life and find a sense of satisfaction and achievement.


To establish sound and professional working relationships between home and school, providing a welcoming environment, and working in partnership with parents over the progress, development, special needs and concerns relating to pupils.


To maintain successful working relationships amongst the staff, and to provide for them the resources and opportunities for support both within the school situation and for their career, enabling them to give of their best whilst working as part of a team.

A succinct and jargon-free summary would be:-

"For all children and staff at Springfield to be happy, successful and
mutually supportive, tolerant and respectful of each other."

logo1logo2Our school values are success, personal growth and relationships.


Annual Attendance

Year Percentage attendance 
2013/14 94.97% arrow up green
2012/13 94.26% arrow down red
2011/12 94.58% arrow up green
2010/11 94.22% arrow up green
2009/10 92.72% arrow up green