Our Eco-Committee is run by Mrs Willetts and consists of two children from each year group. We talk to other children and staff around the school to gather ideas about how we can improve the school environment. We attend meetings every term to discuss issues or events that arise and to talk about how we can help to encourage the people in our school to be more environmentally friendly.


The Committee encourages children to make decisions that will help improve the school. Every child has the opportunity to voice their ideas as it's our job to listen to everyone. Having an Eco-Committee gives us more responsibility around the school. It lets us have a say about how we think we can make our school better.


A few things we have organised this year:

  • Recycling bins have been installed throughout school and as a result we have replaced 2 trade waste bins with free recycling bins. Saving us a massive £690 a year.
  • The Eco-councilors have carried out litter officer duties whereby they ask friends to help them monitor the litter in their Key Stage playground and encourage people to pick up litter when they see it.
  • We will soon be handing out certificates to classes who remember to be conscientious about saving energy by turning off lights and projectors when they are not in use.