Year 6

Year 6 got up to LOADS of different things during their final year!

Take a look at the gallery below to see some of them.

  • Animal Antics!

    Lifelong friendships were made...

  • Cadbury World

    This sort of thing never happened to Willy Wonka!

  • Chinese New Year

    Getting creative for the Chinese New Year.

  • Christmas Market

    Sandwell College's Christmas Market meant a chance to have a break from school.

  • Diwali Afternoon

    Hands up if you enjoyed the Diwali afternoon! Oh right, that's everyone then.

  • Drayton Manor

    It's not all work in Year 6, as this trip to Drayton Manor proves.

  • Enterprise Day

    Enterprise Day brought out the business minds.

  • First Aid Training

    Don't worry, he's not asleep at school. This was part of the First Aid training.

  • French Cafe

    Bonjour. Bienvenue au Café Français!

  • Galleries of Justice Museum

    During the Galleries of Justice trip, some people got a little too carried away with the power!

  • International Week

    Learning about new languages/cultures during International Week...

  • International Week

    ...then teaching others about what you've learned.

  • Mayans

    We spent time learning about the Mayans and produced these knowledge grids.

  • Mayans

    We even sent Mr. B. on a special fact finding mission to help us get more information!

  • Pop Art

    In Art, things got a little bit colourful!

  • Poppy Assembly

    Year 6 remembered those who have given their lives in times of war.

  • Safeguarding Day

    During Safeguarding Day, lots of different visitors came in to teach us how to stay safe.

  • Science

    In Science, we made 3D models of the human circulatory system.

  • Stunning Start

    Spring's Stunning Start meant there was a murder to be solved!

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