The Rowley Learning Trust

With effect from 1st July 2012 and after considerable consultation with numerous parties it was decided to: change school category from Community to Foundation; adopt a charitable Trust named The Rowley Learning Trust, which shall be a co-operative membership trust; The decision was taken as the Governing Body believe the Trust will raise standards through the creation of a platform for on-going improvement.

The resources and expertise brought to the Trust by the partners will strengthen strategic leadership, increase support and challenge and consolidate effective monitoring, thereby promoting improvement in outcomes for students. The mutual co-operative nature of the membership trust with its high levels of stakeholder involvement and accountability will greatly assist in further raising the profile of education and the extended schools/Every Child Matters agenda across our community and lead to enhanced community cohesion.

This decision followed a wide consultation process during which all relevant parties were consulted and consultation meetings were held for pupils, staff, parents and the general public and unions and trade associations were consulted. Statutory guidance was followed and the views of those consulted were considered by the Governing Body prior to the required Statutory Proposal being published. All representations made in response to the Statutory Proposal were considered prior to the Governing Body deciding to proceed to implementation. By focussing collective attention and resources on enjoyment and achievement.

The formation of the Trust will focus the minds and energies of all partners on the task of raising attainment and increasing opportunities for enjoyment and achievement across the Rowley community. By bringing coherence and continuity to lifelong learning at a time when Local Authority services will be diminishing and schools will increasingly find themselves working along, the Trust provides the means of bringing local schools together to serve a common purpose and to provide continuous pathways to enjoyment, learning and achievement from early years to adulthood and beyond.

By making efficient and effective use of resources, the Trust will provide schools with significant collective bargaining power in their negotiations with suppliers of goods and services. This will enable them to secure best value and prioritise funding for teaching and learning. By providing the motivation of membership, a number of partnerships, have demonstrated the value of treating customers and employees as members.

The Trust will extend the offer of membership to parents, pupils, employees and community groups. This will have the value not only of identifying specific benefits for each of these groups, but also enlisting their support in achieving the aims of the Trust.

The Trust will also encourage schools to pool expertise and resources to enable them to maximise the benefits for staff and students in order to consolidate effective monitoring, thereby bringing about rapid improvement in outcomes for students.

As a co-operative trust a Stakeholder Forum representing the various constituencies of membership shall be developed in the trust’s first year (further details will be provided in the near future). This Forum will represent the membership and hold the Trust to account. It shall also appoint Trustees to the Trust Board. The Governing Body will replace the Local Authority as the Admissions Authority but shall continue to operate the current admissions arrangements, though reserving the right to review them as appropriate.

The Governing Body also remains bound by the National Code of Conduct on Fair Admissions. Additionally the school’s land and assets will now going forward, be held in trust by the new co-operative trust. The school will continue to be run and managed by the Governing Body as before with the additional benefit of Trust nominated Governors and our Trust partners to assist us in our future developments.

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.