Termly there is an opportunity to come into school to attend an INSPIRE day where you can work alongside your child and hear what they have been learning.

We welcome and rely on help from parents. You can help in a variety of ways depending on your free time, your interests and talents!

What sort of help is needed?

  1. Helping small groups of children with activities such as cooking, painting/craft activities, computer work or reading, etc.
  2. Practical jobs around school such as sharpening pencils, mixing paints, washing aprons, repairing books and equipment, sorting games, etc.
  3. Helping at school events such as children's discos or fund-raising events.
  4. Accompanying groups or classes on trips or outings.

Should you offer any special skills or talents?

  1. There are many jobs that are of great interest to children.
  2. Do you work for the Fire, Police, Medical or Ambulance service?
  3. Do you make things for a living?
  4. Are you good at pottery or music or sport?
  5. Could you talk to groups of children about your job, hobby or skill?
  6. If the answer to any of the above is yes, please see our Headteacher Miss Powis

What qualities do you need?

  1. Willingness to help with anything.
  2. Kindness and patience.
  3. An ability to keep confidences.


We have a group of parents and staff who work together in order to raise funds and arrange events in school. If you would like to become involved please ask to speak to Mrs Tracy Winwood.


  1. Discos
  2. Summer and Christmas Fayres
  3. Circus Time
  4. Carols by Candlelight
  5. Fashion Show