How to screen-shot & record picture evidence on the internet

If you are having issues online with Cyber Bullying or Internet Trolls, capturing the information will help assist the police in bring the matter to a conclusion.

Here are a few easy steps you can take in order to generate a "screen-shot".

  1. Have your page open to whatever it is that you wish to take a " screen-shot" of, making sure that everything you want to record is visible.
  2. Press the "print screen" button on your keyboard (which may be alternately labeled "PrtScn/SysRq").
  3. Minimize your internet browser window, so that you can see your desktop and open the basic windows paint program or right click any photo on your desktop that you no longer need and select "open with paint".
  4. To the top left of the open paint window, there should be a little clip board-type of icon that says "paste" that and select "paste".
  5. If the icon isn't there at all on your version of paint, try simply right clicking on the blank palette and selecting "paste". Either should work just fine.
  6. Save your new photo! Remember that "screen-shots" are very helpful when reporting any issues to Facebook or the Police.