Sports Premium

 Sports Funding

 To view the PE sports premium grant, please click the following link:

 PE Sports Premium Grant 2015-2016

At Springfield, we recognise the contribution of PE to the health and well-being of the children. We believe that an innovative, varied PE curriculum and extra-curricular opportunities have a positive influence on the concentration, attitude and academic achievement of all our children.

Our Primary School Sport’s Funding will enable us to continue and extend our provision through increasing the clubs we run, entering into more competitive sports competitions and training our staff to deliver in-house quality PE sessions.

We are delighted to announce that the Government have given our school £9,695 per annum, initially for 2 years but now extending until 2020.

We are proud to announce how our school is using the funding to support requirements:

  • Appointed a TLR member of staff to co-ordinate the teaching of PE
  • Provide new and additional sports clubs
  • Provide professional development opportunities for staff
  • Providing cover/release time for teachers for professional development in PE/Sport
  • To run sporting competitions or increasing participation in school games
  • To buy in quality assured professional development for schools (AfPE/Sports Trust)
  • To purchase high quality equipment to aid the teaching of PE.
  • To provide sports coaches to improve behaviour at lunchtimes.
  • To purchase fiction/nonfiction texts linked to sport and healthy lifestyles.
  • To buy a PA system to enable us to provide morning exercise.
  • To provide additional swimming.
  • To support the development of healthy eating and healthy lifestyles across the school.










 Click here to see the Evaluated Action Plan and the Impact it's had so far.


Clubs Data:

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Autumn 2016


The Story So Far:

  • Our children were asked to complete a survey indicating how much they like PE and their understanding of being healthy. They were also asked for their suggestions on after school clubs.
  • Our staff were asked to complete a survey to indicate their confidence levels in teaching PE and their individual training requirements. Staff teach the games in which they are most confident and training has been put into place where needed.
  • After school clubs are regularly audited and revised with new clubs being offered in line with children’s suggestions.
  • We have taken part in a challenge day with Sport England to raise the profile of sport within the school – this was level 1 and 2 competition.
  • We have had a World Football day with WBA and have also had players visit the school
  • We had a visit from an Olympic Athlete; this again raised the profile of sport and fitness across the whole school.
  • Sports Coaches at lunchtimes have been a great hit with the children and also helped to prevent bad behaviour.
  • We have enrolled in Sainsbury’s Games and taken part in gymnastic, tennis, girl’s football, football and cricket competitions.  All children took part in a Sports Day and we also had Key Stage 2 Spanish Handball Tournament during our International Week.
  • This year we have taken part in 2 Dance competitions; Great Big Dance Off and Red Cross Dance Make your Move.  We have also taken part in a Trust Dance Festival.
  • Our INSPIRES have been about keeping fit and healthy and we got parents joining in too. 
  • We have had a Healthy Schools Week and every class took part in a Master Chef Style Cooking Activity.
  • We have had sponsored sporting events; sponsored skip, sponsored dance and a sponsored bounce.


What’s Next:

  • To identify key groups of children that are not attending after school clubs, find out why and change this.
  • Healthy Schools Week
  • Provide training for Lunchtime Supervisors
  • Organise Lunchtime clubs
  • To organise an Activity Day
  • Promote Inclusion in PE through trips and visitors to school
  • Additional Swimming Provision
  • Foodie Club
  • Develop the outdoor area for Foundation Stage to support Physical Development
  • Take children to see professional sporting games
  • Use Sport as a medium to encourage disengaged writes
  • WBA (Behaviour)
  • Continue to be involved in Sainsburys Games
  • Invite motivational sports speakers into school